About Us

Our Mission Statement

 Here at the clinic we understand that losing hair can be extremely stressful and a cause of low confidence

and lack of self-esteem. Therefore our goal is to give you the best advice and treatment and ensure your

visit exceeds expectations.

The Hair Loss and Scalp Clinic:

We supply and treat a range of hair loss and scalp problems to help

you achieve a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

Our Specialisations:

Our experienced team look after Hair Replacement, Additions and Skin Systems to hide Alopecia,

Scars, Male Pattern Hair Loss, Female Pattern Hair Loss and many other conditions.


Book your consultation today, our team of caring and enthusiastic staff are always happy to help.

 2018 Mandy  

Mandy Baldwin BSc (Hons) MIT LTTS CIBTAC Consultant Trichologist

Mandy has a medical degree with honours in Biomedical Science BSc (Hons)

a bachelor of science degree

2018 Georgia  

Georgia Kirkby-Stroud NVQ – 3 Clinic Manager and team trainer.

Along with being the clinic manager, Georgia is the main team trainer. Her professionalism

and organisation skills ensure patient care and treatment protocol are met with the highest

standard required by each team member.


Nichola Oliver NVQ – 3 Clinic Hair and Scalp Hygienist Technician.

Nichola has a particular interest in the hair and scalp, she combines her technical skills and

undertakes a variety of hair loss and scalp treatments here at the clinic.


Aydzhan Yusuf Clinic Hair and Scalp Hygienist Technician.

Aydzhan carries out hair loss and scalp treatments at the clinic, with a kind and

professional aptitude.

2018.08.29 Shelley  

Shelley McCormack NVQ – 2 Clinic Hair and Scalp Hygienist Technician.

With passion and experience Shelley carries out a varity of hair loss and scalp treatments

at the Hair & Scalp Clinic. 



Paige Rexstrew Clinic Assistant – Receptionist.

Paige will be your first point of contact at the clinic and is happy to help with any appointment

enquiries you have. Along with her passion for patient care and organisation Paige will ensure

your visit runs smoothly.

 2018 Neve

Néve Moore

Néve works alongside the senior team members to ensure your comfort and care 

 Joanne Parker  

Joanne Parker AAT

Clinic Bookkeeper and Accounts Technician

Jo is the clinics professional bookkeeper and accounting technician, she is responsible for

the everyday financial records and transactions. Jo is a valuable member of our team always

ensuring the clinic is up to date with the latest technology.