Finasteride - Propecia

Finasteride [Propecia] treats the root cause of androgenetic alopecia, which is the adrongenic hormones. These hair products for hair loss are only available under prescription and should not be used without the supervision of a physician. It stimulates scalp hair follicles without affecting the testosterone levels in the patient and is a male only treatment.

Treating male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, affects as many as 50% of all men by the time they're 50. It causes hair loss, thinning and discolouration and can be a huge knock to a man's self-esteem, but that doesn't mean all hope is lost. There are medications that can help turn back the clock, and Finasteride is one of them.

Significant improvements

This is a type of medication that can help treat male pattern baldness, helping to increase hair growth and prevent further loss by targeting the hormones that cause this condition. Finasteride treats hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles and helping them return to a normal growth cycle, and in many cases it can lead to a significant improvement-in clinical trials two thirds of men showed increased hair growth and 83% showed no further hair loss, whilst in contrast all of the men in the study who weren't taking the medication lost hair. Want to have that same kind of result? Then buy Finasteride today.

Buy Finasteride today

Finasteride for hair loss is a prescription-only medication intended for use solely by men.

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