Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Laboratory Test

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Laboratory Test measures the body's mineral levels and toxins from a hair sample.

The benefits of this are:

  • A further understanding of how your body is functioning on a intracellular level
  • The independent laboratory test results can reveal inner health deficiencies, this will help you adjust your diet and supplement regime accordingly
  • Tests the hair for accumulated toxic metals such as Lead, Mercury, Aluminium
  • The test will also highlight whether you have the correct levels of Selenium, Zinc, Calcium, Thiamine, Niacin, Potassium, Chromium and many more

What the Hair & Scalp Clinic require for the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test

  • Hair sample must be of virgin hair - no bleach, hair dye, perms or any other chemical treatments
  • Hair sample must be 4cm long and as close to the root of the hair as possible. Hair beyond this point will not be suitable - longer hair will affect the reading and precision of the test
  • Hair sample will be taken from the back of the head
  • Hair sample will be taken to the weight of 1oz
  • Hair must have been washed with a regularly used shampoo that does not contain minerals and is not an anti-dandruff shampoo - some contain Zinc, Selenium etc
  • Hair must be free of conditioners, mousses, hairsprays, gels and any other styling aids
  • Hair must not be washed in water from a water softener. Hair can be washed using spring water as a replacement and must be washed and rised twice