Mandy Baldwin Trichologist and Bachelor in Biomedical Science

Reception Images for Home Room

 Welcome to the Hair & Scalp Clinic Dartford Kent.

The clinic is set within a fantastic historical grade II listed Manor House within a walled courtyard. There is a discreet glorious garden bordered by farmland that provides a picturesque and relaxed setting. Found within the Manors lawns is the famous local legendary Mulberry Bush that is believed prompted the nursery rhyme that dates back to the Tudor era of Henry VIII.

The horse stables built in 1870 is now home for the hair and scalp clinic and comprises of a luxurious waiting and relaxing reception area. Attached to the clinic are newly built private treatment and cleansing rooms.

Here at the clinic we understand that loosing hair can be extremely stressful leading to a low confidence and lack of self-esteem. Therefore it is our mission to give you the best advice and treatment

The Clinic supplies a range of treatments for various Hair loss and Scalp Problems that are designed especially to help provide you with healthy hair and scalp.

We also specialise in Hair Replacement and Skin Systems to hide Alopecia cover Burns, Scars and various other Hair loss conditions to Clients and Patients throughout the UK.

Based in Dartford we have a Professional Qualified Consultant Trichologist Mandy Baldwin BSc (Hons) LIBMS MIT LTTS CIBTAC whom has a Medical Degree with Honours in Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) a Bachelor of Science Degree.

Once registered with the clinic you will be able to purchase a selection of your treatments either direct from the clinic or online from the clinic website or simply telephone us with your order.