Direct Single Hair Transplants

Direct Hair Implantation

The Hair and Scalp Clinic now offer the latest revolutionary direct hair implantation technique that eliminates the use of scalpels so there is no scarring and the procedure is pain free.

Wonderfully natural results can be experienced in just one visit.

The main aim of this new, advanced technique is to increase the survival and growth of the hair follicles by reducing handling and the time out of the skin which allows hair to grow naturally for life.

So what are the benefits of Direct Hair Implantation?

  • The technique does not involve any of the following: FUE, STRIP, SCARS OR HOLES!
  • Minimal postoperative medication is needed because the whole procedure is performed quickly and painlessly.
  • The Direct Hair Implanter for the placement of new hair follicles eliminates the need for reception holes reducing trauma of the skin and causing less damage to the local blood supply and no scarring.
  • Medical assistants no longer need to handle hair follicles during the procedure.
  • Smaller diameter punches (0.7-0.85 mm) lead to faster healing & less marks.
  • Less invasive procedure significantly reduces bleeding and the risk of infection as the hair follicles are transferred immediately from the donor area to the recipient area.
  • No microscope is needed so the exposure of the hair follicles to intense light & heat is avoided.
  • The seated position is less tiring for the patient and requires less anaesthesia and medication.
  • Increased chance of survival in the graft.
  • Early hair growth as most transferred hair follicles enter the antigen phase immediately.

The Procedure

The minimally invasive nature of the new technique is a key factor in diminishing the fatigue factor of hair follicles and therefore increasing long term survival.

This is because each hair follicle is extracted separately and transferred immediately to the recipient, thus the time that the hair follicles remain out of the body is reduced from hours to only a few seconds.

This is a sophisticated, fast, new technique that our customers find life changing, painless and most satisfying.

What is best for you?

You can compare for yourself the advantages of the Direct Hair Implantation Technique over the other hair restoration treatments available today and make your own decision about our advanced hair implantation technique!