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Ok! Magazine featuring Holly Willoughby and The Hair & Scalp Clinic 

Mandy features in Aestetics magazine


Cosmetronic interveiw Mandy Baldwin 

Your Trichologist Mandy Baldwin featured in the Daily Mail

Meet Mandy - Colour Excellence

This month (September 2015) I am looking for volunteers to be involved in a television documentary series based in London. It is based on the everyday struggles of living with conditions such as hair loss and how it affects your life, confidence, love life, dating and so on.

Ready to face the world, contact the [email protected] or message me through facebook. Mandy

We are in the Graveham & Medway Life

Mandy baldwin featured in Boots health&beauty magazine

Katie Price Asks Your Questions - ColourB4

How does ColourB4 actually work, with Katie Price

Lightening Your Hair The Healthy Way with Katie Price

Interview with Dr Alex Khadavi creator of Revivogen

How to use FaceB4 by Mandy Baldwin

Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud becomes the FaceB4 ambassador with Mandy Baldwin offering a step by step guide on how to use FaceB4

Sarah Harding becomes brand ambassador for FaceB4 face wash developed at Medichem International in Rushenden on Sheppey


Step By Step Video 

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Visit Bexley Life for local business and stories

Mandy and Michaela filming for Colour B4

Take a look at the clinic's YouTube channel

Georgia and Tracy film for str8hair

Mandy's National Hair Loss Awareness

I'm supporting people with hair loss for My New Hair because cancer and medical hair loss needs recognition too  

The go-to for the how-to in beauty

Trichologist, Mandy Baldwin, shares her tips on how to tackle winter hair and give it the extra attention needed.