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Thank you so much for my first treatment today. 

Thank you Mandy for taking the time to chat to me and make me feel at ease. Looking at my hair so close up was really interesting!

Thank you Aydzhan for the treatments and explaining every thing to me! I really felt well looked after and now feel so much more optimistic and positive that we will be able to get my hair sorted out! 

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I was devasted when I finally had to admit that my hair was getting thinner. I was lucky enough to discover the hair and scalp clinic and I have not looked back since. I had a thorough consultation on my first visit. I was given a recommended course of treatment, which I followed to the letter and now my hair is growing back as you can see from my pictures, I was given the right advice and the right treatment. Please, if you are suffering from hair loss, do not hesitate to go to the hair and scalp clinic for help and advice from a friendly and professional staff who really understand hair loss and all that goes with it. A special thank you to Mandy who has been with me since day one also Georgia and Aydzhan. 


PS: a HUGE thank you for helping me throughout this year and making my condition manageable, it means so much and I will definitely be recommending you if I hear of anyone else with a similar issue.

Thank you again!


Please give my best wishes to Georgia, hope she is well and a very Happy Christmas to you all! Please tell Georgia my scalp has been so much better this year, only in the last few weeks have I started with the odd patch of psoriasis and my tufts of hair are now finally able to go in a pony tail! Just wanted to let her know how much better it is thanks to her! 


I just mailed you about ordering some minoxidil.  I forgot to say that the lady I saw last time I came in (when I came for my detox) I think her name was Georgia, was very very helpful and answered lots of my questions and did not hurry me at all even though I did have loads of questions!! And my detox felt wonderful.

Just wanted to say she was fab.

Thanks again


I have been coming for treatment for sixteen years for F.P.A, something I'd never even heard about before, I noticed my hair seem to be getting a bit thinner on top and the crown area, before that it used to be very thick and heavier. Read More


A great Cut and Blow-dry by Michaela

Thank you Carol Detnon for a allowing us to share


I Love this product! It’s one of my favourites; I use this myself, as I have frizzy, dry, curly hair. Read More


I just wanted to say even though it's quite a long way for me to come to the clinic by public transport and then the walk from the Orange Tree, when I arrive the greeting I get from your staff is always worth it. Read More


Sensitive, caring and successful are just three words that come immediately to mind when I think about the outstanding service that I have received during my treatments at Mandy Baldwin’s Hair Clinic. Read More


Shine & Lustre is my go to product as I love the mirror shine it give my hair. Shine & Lustre is a finishing spray that I use once all styling and fixing has been done, Read More


All the staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the treatments have produced impressive results for my hair and skin. Read more


 I was devastated and feeling very vulnerable after having some of my hair ripped out after an incident at work. I went to the Mandy Baldwin clinic with apprehension, not knowing whether it would ever grow back. Read More


I would highly recommend Mandy for her work as a Trichologist. She knew the scalp issue I had as soon as she examined my scalp. I was very impressed as I have been to two other specialists who did not recognize my issue. Thank you Many for your wonderful educated conclusion. I would highly recommend Mandy to anyone seeking help with any scalp issue.


Mandy offers a great service in Kent and the south east of England Trichology like hairdressing is a blend of knowledge and skill supported with honest advise and service.Mandy offers all these and more. Trichology is a complimentary therapy for all those with scalp conditions that need more attention and knowledge than a hair dresser salon or stylist can offer.


I have been comimng  to the hair and scalp clinic for over a year now and I am so thankful to them for the treatment and care I have recieved with my hair loss. I would definatly recommend them to anyone suffering with scalp or hair loss problems. Read more


I am really grateful for my experience at the clinic. The staff are always extremely attentive and friendly and I look forward to my visits. Michaela especially has made my visits to the clinic worthwhile; she is excellent at her job and always makes my visits enjoyable. The clinic has been a great success for me, I can see a huge improvement in my hair and for that I am extremely grateful. Read more


Mandy is very talented Trichologist and I would recommend her to anyone who would benefit from her services.


I have been visiting The Manor House for a few weeks now for a scalp condition and would like to thank Mandy and her skilled and friendly team for both taking away the itching and at the same time making the visits an enjoyable experience. Read more


Professional service, discreet, confidential & most importantly effective treatment. My hair is no longer falling out. The hair loss has been reversed and I have healthy, glossy and thick hair again. Thank you. Read more

Mrs A Dolphin

I JUST LOVE BEING BLONDE! So want it to be fresh all year round!  personally Purple Violet Shampoo is a clinic favourite of mine and is definitely something I always like to have in my bathroom cupboard for those “bad hair days”.

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I have found the hair and scalp clinic to be very helpfuly to me over the past year. They were quick to work out what was wrong and come up with a course of action that has thankfully been effective. Read More


Testimonial by Susi Mayger for Hawley Manor Hair Clinic

I first discovered the Hawley Manor website two years ago when in desperation over my extensive hair loss; I was looking for solutions to my problem, with a view to purchasing a quality hairpiece. Read more


Hawley hair clinic are great!

The staff are wonderful and helpful; the treatment is working well and this experience has helped me be more confident in myself. Read more


I have been coming to the hair and scalp clinic for some time now and have had excellent progress from the treatments. Also Mandy and all of her team are lovely and friendly and have helped me so much through my hair problems. Read more

Mrs Osborne

Had a good afternoon I really enjoyed the experience and LOVE the end result! and the 2 girls was lovely! Thank you very much

Toni Parker: Her True Story Toni approached the ColourB4 Trichologist and colour consultant, Mandy Baldwin for help and advice.


Mandy Baldwin is a qualified practitioner with the proper credentials and caring attitude that generates the best results possible for her clients. I recommend her without reservation.

Jay Calvert - Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Southern California

I like Recon p as it’s a more intense conditioning Treatment for hair that needs that extra TLC. This conditioner is good for people like me as I straighten my hair often, so every once in a while it’s good to treat my hair with Recon P. Read more