Here at the Hair Clinic we use micro-needling to increase absorption of the hair lotion prescribed. Research has found penetration of topical lotions can be increased by 5 or more times than using topical lotion alone. Micro-needling encourages the skins repair and natural growth factors.

  • Greatly increases topical product absorption

  • Triggers skins natural healing factors -Stimulation of stem cells induces growth factor activation

  • CIT  Collagen Induction Therapy -Stimulate new collagen cells

  • Reduces appearance of scars by breaking down scar tissue structure (e.g. hair transplant scars)

  • Reduces pigmentation

  • Increases blood flow

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Tighten smooth and brighten skin and improve texture firmness and tone

  • Breaks down excess of sebum

Choosing the Micro-Needle size for home use:

0.25mm: A great length for daily or every other day use to aid scalp lotion penetration. Suitable for new users and people with delicate thin skin

0.50mm: Once or twice a week when used on the scalp for lotion penetration. More frequent use may be advised by the Trichologist in certain cases such as when there is a need to reduce scar tissue due to hair transplant surgery.

Micro-Needle Size :

:  at  £35.00  each