Moroccan Argan Oil By Tracy Richardson

 I Love this product! It’s one of my favourites; I use this myself, as I have frizzy, dry, curly hair.

Moroccan Argan oil will help to strengthen, moisturize and nourish my dry curly hair, I find this product helps reduce the frizz of my hair when I use it every day. Moroccan Argon oil does not make my hair greasy or weigh my hair down and easily absorbs into my hair. I also use Moroccan Argon Oil as part of my daily leave in hair treatment to protect my hair free from damage, dry and humidity weather and is also very in rich in vitamin E. I would personally give this product a 5 star for taming, protecting from heat damage and humidity on my hair. Defiantly thumbs up for being easy to use and smelling great and making my hair soft and shiny. I find this product goes a very long way as I only use a small amount and rub into the palm of my hands and apply to middle length and ends of my hair only, as I already have plenty of moisture at the root of my hair. I use Moroccan Argon Oil when I go out and want my hair to look and smell great.

 As a very high professional hair stylist with experience of curly, dry, frizz hair, I would highly recommend Moroccan Argon Oil as part of your daily routine but that’s not all! This product can also be used on straight hair too to tame those flyaways.